Tonia is what we call, an original Cretan… or almost. She was born in Athens, but in her very first years she returned to her roots. Hailing from Gerakari, she grew up in a village, read at a coffee shop and socialized with ordinary people, as she likes to call them. She learned to treat generously since this is how her grandmother taught her, with whom she grew up. The love for clothes probably grew along with her umbilical cord.

Originally from her mother, who is a seamstress, she lived a life of thread and fabric. She learned to distinguish patterns and cuts and her eye always falls on separate designs and qualities. From a young age, she worked in sales and if you ask her, her work is closely intertwined with her existence. She took her first business step in April 2014, in a small store, right next to where Tholos is now housed. Since then success has been a given, it just took a little patience and a lot of effort, until Tholos’s dream came true. After all, how can you fail when you do something with so much love?

A story in the making

Inspired by the rich history of the island of Crete and with respect to the architecture of the old town of Rethymnon, it is a reference point for the most commercial and busy street of the city. A building that perfectly preserves the architecture of the historic area, which hosts it. Stone, alstroemeria, earthy colors came to compose harmoniously, a space that will host some of the most important brands in our country.

A store with great respect for the raw materials that nature generously gives us. Harmonized with the imprints of the history of Rethymnon, far from the ideas imposed by modernization and the “showcase”. A store with a lot of passion and even more love.

Welcome to Tholos!